Saturday, 27 September 2008

Tory Warning On Multiculturalism

"Blah blah blah hidden racist wording blah blah blah Christianity is GREAT blah blah blah"

At least that's what I read.

The problem in this country is not multiculturalism. It's not Muslim extremists. What, 50 people killed in the last ten years by Muslim extremists in this country? Big deal when compared to the amount of people killed by yobs, racists and the stupid.

The problem in this country is petty crime, it's about people being selfish and not caring about others around them. It's about the lack of community caused by the selfish middle class values brought in by Margaret Thatcher and the like. It's about greed.

Let's stop pretending multiculturalism is the problem and start saying that it's BAD PEOPLE who are the problem.

The Tories never seem to do what I'd love them to do; stop picking up on IDEAS they don't like and start picking up on the problem people in this society that are causing the problems be they Muslim or Christian or atheist or Pastafarians. They care all about the abstract, about "marriage being the bedrock of society" and about "values". But they never seem to realise it's not abstract ideas or social engineering that will change this country. It's the punishment, removal and rehabilitation of the scum who are making life a misery. The petty lawbreakers, the people who think that getting away with a speeding ticket is something to be proud of. These people are the antithesis of Britishness and need to be stopped. Their attitude feeds down into a general fuck you attitude towards good manners and respect for Government.

We need to stop putting up with the idiots in this country.


Dense said...

Sounds just like Malaysia... I didnt think there could be another country so amoral is this one

Ken said...

Here here!!

It's a very human thing to shift blame, though. It's not merely a British thing. the same, moronic Tory sentiments are echoed in the Republican Party in America.

Sadly, there is no such thing as a decent politician anymore. The idiots are in control everywhere...