Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hotel Refuses Man "Because He's A Soldier"

Oh I can see that a receptionist and manager at the Metro Hotel in Woking are going to be getting an earful today. It seems whoever was manning the reception that evening when Corporal Tomos Stringer arrived to check in, refused him entry because he showed them his military ID as proof of identity. They said it was not the hotels policy to accept members of the military to stay. OUCH!

From a public relations point of view that policy has got to be one of the singularly most ill conceived in the history of hotels, up there with "This hotel doesn't have fire escapes". What were they thinking when they came up with that one?

Personally, back when I worked in a hotel as front of house manager, I dreamed of the days a soldier might arrive. And the Corporal wasn't even wearing a uniform, so I really don't know what they issue could be (even if I can't think what the issue might be if he was wearing a uniform).

Stupid, stupid idiots who shall be condemned by most people in this country for a long time to come.

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Bill said...!! )-:

Obviously I'd have understood their attitude if he was gay (irony alert). As his mother mentioned, a VERY different attitude prevails in the US.

Even if one was opposed to the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is find it incomprehensible what these clown are playing at.