Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Murder At Church Provides Fuel For The Fundies

You'd think that any humane individual would simply express their disgust with the recent murders at a Unitarian Universalist church and their sympathy for those affected and move on. Not those lovely fundamentalists out there who we have all come to know and love.

No instead, after a brief obligatory claim of having sympathy for the victims they launch into their insane, fucked up regurgitated propaganda.

Let's start with the "lovely" Kathryn of Fitchburg, MA. She certainly is a douchebag. Note to her: it's those very same kind of beliefs that led to Jim Adkisson thinking it would be okay to kill some church goers.

Then we have the lovely people over at Free Republic who seem unable to cope with the idea, that they themselves propose, that there are people of all creeds who go insane... conservatives, liberals etc. My favourite quote:

"This guy is no more a true constervative than Timothy McVey was. Conservatives don’t commit acts of terrorism. I won’t believe this until the killer’s actual letter is released. It could be the sheriff is a liberal himself and is saying these things to smear conservatives."

HA! Yes that's right... the Sheriff must be a liberal!!! I bet Mr Adkisson is in fact a homosexual, disabled, female, Muslim hellbent on giving the conservative movement a bad name. Or not.

And then there is Rapture Ready which is very sympathetic and upset for all those affected... because they are members of a cult and going to Hell. Praise Jesus! Christian love and compassion surely has no end!

Now, to be honest, I don't know why anyone would wish to be a Unitarian Universalist. But hey, it's their free choice and it looks like they are an extremely agreeable congregation who were enjoying a children's performance when a terrible, evil man entered their lives. Those affected deserve nothing but our sympathy and our compassion. They do not need to be told they are going to Hell for their beliefs.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Political Earthquake?

I awoke this morning to news that the Scottish Nationalist Party had beaten expectations and took a "safe" seat from Labour in Glasgow.

As a liberal unionist, there is no result I would have liked other than a Liberal Democrat victory. But I still would have preferred a Labour victory over the SNP. As they say the opposition does not win elections, the Government loses them. Hopefully this is less a reaction for Scottish nationalism and more a reaction against the current UK Government.

Gordon Brown has got to go after this summer's terrible by-election carnage. I had great hopes when he took office, his dour attitude sat well in comparison to Tony Blair's faux enthusiasm and his declared Britishness won me over completely. And I don't feel like he has made any huge mistakes, however I feel he has made a far worse error: he has not done anything positive.

As his administration slowly collapses he has been paralysed and has done nothing to shore it up... this has allowed the Tories to make gains south of the border and the SNP to use their so far fairly stable Scottish Government to make gains north of it. This is unforgivable and I trust the Labour party will ensure it is led into what seems can only be a terrible election with someone fresh.

I fear the damage is too great and, with the future possibility of a UK Government led by the increasing divisive Tories and the Scottish Government led by the SNP, this countries continued existence is threatened.

Should the Union fall I, for one, would be deeply upset. To find myself living in a renewed Kingdom of Eng-er-land would be truly a terrible moment. Alas, I feel I am in the minority now... what a sad last testament it would be to the British people: sharing the same islands, but unable to live together.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Can Iris Robinson Avoid Insulting Homosexuals For A Second?

Is it me or does Iris Robinson (MP) have an unhealthy interest in (mostly male by the sounds of things) homosexuality?

First we had her infamous comments a couple of months ago, now we have her describing homosexuality as more disgusting than child abuse!

But... before we rush too quickly to judgement let us remember this is actually very Biblical. God did not like homosexuality, but the sexual abuse of female children was pretty much encouraged in the Old Testament. Those are the kind of Christian values she seems to embrace, gotta love the religion of love!!

So kudos to her for maintaining such Biblical standards, I just hope she's kept up her observances of the many other crimes listed (not eating shellfish, not wearing clothes made of two types of material etc.) and also her support for slavery. If not then I'd call her a "hypocrite" and hope that if there is a God he smites her forthwith.