Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Can Iris Robinson Avoid Insulting Homosexuals For A Second?

Is it me or does Iris Robinson (MP) have an unhealthy interest in (mostly male by the sounds of things) homosexuality?

First we had her infamous comments a couple of months ago, now we have her describing homosexuality as more disgusting than child abuse!

But... before we rush too quickly to judgement let us remember this is actually very Biblical. God did not like homosexuality, but the sexual abuse of female children was pretty much encouraged in the Old Testament. Those are the kind of Christian values she seems to embrace, gotta love the religion of love!!

So kudos to her for maintaining such Biblical standards, I just hope she's kept up her observances of the many other crimes listed (not eating shellfish, not wearing clothes made of two types of material etc.) and also her support for slavery. If not then I'd call her a "hypocrite" and hope that if there is a God he smites her forthwith.