Thursday, 30 August 2007

Christians.... LIE!

Christ must be quite angry right now as he must have seen this news story. People who pretend to worship him, using false info to spread their vile religion.

"American males who are homosexually active have a life span that is three decades shorter than the norm," Bill Atwood told the Associated Press news agency on Wednesday.

"How can a church say, 'You are precious, we care about you, we love you, we want the best for you and now we want to bless behaviours that cause you to die three decades early'?"

I can tell you where they got this idea, because I reported on this in April... see here

Not only do I do a quick discrediting of the report but others do an even better job.. a five year old could see the flaws in their argument.

Move along, only a church crashing to obilivion to see here!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Tories Hate Free Speech

I didn't spot this in that article I posted yesterday.

Mr Cerf's comments come after the UK's Conservative Party floated ideas to curb the access young people have to sites such as YouTube which let them see videos showing extreme or callous violence.

Yeah because YouTube is making our kids misbehave. God, the Tories are bloody dumb sometimes, and criminally illiberal.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tories.... Who'd Have 'Em?

I saw a news story in which the first paragraph described how the Tories saw tackling crime as a process of "long-term generational change". Wow, I thought, the Tories actually saying something I agree with?? Sadly it was not to be.

Policies to curb violent video games, encourage responsible parenting, and improve schooling could be considered by the Tories, David Cameron said.

Violent video games?? As always the Tories confuse something they don't understand (gaming developments post Pong) with something evil causing the corruption of society.

The problems with our country right now are not caused by video games or stuff on the telly. They are caused by a complete breakdown of good manners and general common sense which have occurred since the Thatcherite eighties "Greed is good" culture first took effect. This culture was promoted from the top down. The Tories only have themselves to blame.

It will take a long time to fix, and solutions will be difficult (and I don't for a second suggest I have the answers) but banning computer games and promoting marriage? Jesus Christ these are the same things the Tories have been bleating on about for years ineffectually.

They need to change the record, which broke many years ago.

My only useful suggestion is we get back to having neighbours look upon parents of unruly children with disdain. Nothing like a bit of keeping up with the Joneses to promote better values (just look at the recycling/"carbon footprint reduction" fad that is storming the country...).

I did my part yesterday when an old, respectfully dressed lady pushed in front of me in a supermarket queue. I asked her politely to move as myself, and several other people, were ahead of her and when she refused to (a simple "Oh well" in fact) I ranted and raved about her having absolutely no manners (and a terrible mother etc etc) and she decided to leave the store. Needless to say others in the queue were quite happy with that outcome. Don't let the rude, arrogant people get away with their selfish acts any longer. Confront them. Publicly shame them.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Why I Hate Princess Diana

I don't actually hate Diana herself. I'm kind of neutral on her, not having met her before. And also speeking ill of the dead is not exactly a decent thing to do. What I hate is the cult of Princess Diana.

When Diana died I was 14. Even then I realised that the hysteria that gripped this country was nothing more than a faux emotion. I found it incredibly disrespectful and quite disgusting that people could exhibit such public grief for someone very few of them knew. I was even more disgusted that those who did know her played off of this fake grief, her so called "friends".

I've always believed it is disrespectful to grieve too publicly and too much over someone you don't know. If my Mum died and someone came to the funeral who she didn't know and started sobbing their heart out I'd probably have to hurt them. It's just not right to pretend to feel the same emotion as those who she loved the most, her sons.

Also crying in public is something I quite disagree with unless you have a very good excuse (a grieving parent for instance).

At the time it almost felt as if everyone was trying to outdo each other on who could cry the most crocodile tears for the poor Princess. The very newspapers that had bugged her throughout her life suddenly began to whip up anti-monarchistic feelings because the Royal Family tried to grieve in private (heaven forbid!). The hypocrisy of it all drove me insane.

Let us get this straight... it is only human to feel sadness at anothers death. I felt the same, thinking about how William and Harry must have felt. What I am saying is that candle lite vigils for someone you never knew are probably a step too far.

Now ten years later it's still the same. The cult of Princess Diana remains strong, as if she was some demi saint rather than a playgirl Princess with a big heart. Can't she rest in peace??? AH!

God I should have gone away for the next few days as it's going to be wall to wall Diana coverage. I can feel the vomit in my throat already.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Gang Crime Due To "Absent Fathers", Says Straw

Jack Straw has decided that gang crime is not the cause of badly brought up children or economic hardships. No... it's, that normally Tory catchall phrase, absent fathers. Oh please!

I've never known my father. He has had no influence over me at all. And I grew up ok! The only "problem" is I HATE football, which in this country is practically a crime!

As a child of a teenage single mother I always find attacks upon single mums and their kids to be deeply disgusting. These families are blamed for all of society's evils when the real evil is that most of society doesn't care about anyone else in this country and allows those who need assistance (be it financial or moral guidance or just good old fashioned discipline) to be left to do what they like.

Nobody speaks up when young people play up in public by playing their music loudly or verbally harassing someone. Talk to anyone and they weakly, cowardly say "Well you never know if they are carrying a knife or not". Now that statement is to me the weakest get out clause ever... it sends a message that says "Just carry a weapon" then you'll be left to rule the streets as you wish.

That's the real problem, not the bloody parents who the children pretend to be all sweet and innocent to back home.

It is everyones responsibility to ensure bad behaviour in public is faced down and ensure the perpetrators are ostracised until they behave in a civilised way.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Off To Cornwall!

I know... I'm a very bad blogger! Read FagBug while I'm away and talk among yourselves.

Be back Sunday/Monday.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


This article just makes me think of that Simpsons episode where Lisa creates a small world in a bowl, whose inhabitants end up worshipping her.

It's all very interesting but not very likely... life just isn't ever that interesting...

The Partition Of The United Kingdom

With the the 60th Anniversary of the partition of India being "celebrated" (how they can celebrate an event marred by such tribal violence and near genocide I don't know... hey let's celebrate the Holocaust!) we in Britain get the beginnings of our partition as planned by the SNP in Scotland.

Nationalism is one of the great evils of the 20th Century, the breakdown of the empires into nationstates was the beginning of the waves of genocide that have torn this world apart. They started with the Russian pogroms against the Jews and the Turkish killings of Armenians and Greeks during and just after the First World War and still haven't ended nearly a century later (Hey Darfur! Let's have a Sudan nationstate for the Sudanese and get rid of anyone different!).

We must not allow the feelings of ill will between the "English" and the "Scottish" to lead to a break up of our country. Why? Because history has shown that said ill will only increases with a partition and can take decades to heal. Just look at India and Pakistan, the Balkans etc. etc.

Let us try to live together in our multinational country filled with vibrance and cultural diversity rather than pidgeonhole ourselves into bland, national units in a biege nationstate.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Tax Cuts For Businesses? You Mean Businesses Pay Tax???

Oh our beloved Tories. Always thinking about what is best for the country... They want to cut regulations (health and safety and data protection laws) saving businesses in the UK billions. That's all well and good.

But I don't suppose the Tory party thought to wonder about the missing billions from this country stolen by tax avoiding fat cats. Maggie Thatcher deregulated our financial markets to make us more attractive to financial organisations. This lead to the new rise of the City and reestablished London as the business capital of the world. All well and good.

However we have allowed some British citizens to get away with paying very little tax for too long. How can it be fair that those who earn less pay taxes while the very rich can afford accountants who play their income just right to avoid any tax at all?

I want the Tories to come out and say "We offering tax breaks to good, honest British businesses but will also clamp down hard on those who use loopholes in the law to avoid contributing their fair share to the greater good". Is that too much to ask?

With the Tories it probably is. Sadly they are too involved in business themselves (just check out their registered interests!) to want to rock the boat and enforce tax laws fairly.

Better that the poor shoulder the burden and the corrupt prosper. Wait... do I hear the words "trickle down effect" waiting to be spoken? I give it 2 hours before a Tory MP uses that phrase.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Comment Is Vile

I have just read one of the most vile blog posts I've ever seen on the Guardian's "Comment Is Free" site. Wanna read it?

Basically Neil Clark thinks some Iraqi interpreters for the British Armed Forces should be left in Iraq to face a higher than average chance of death (which in Iraq is thus pretty much certain death!), because they foolishly agreed to assist the British Army by interpreting for them (for the princely sum of 16 quid a day).

I suggest we send Neil to Iraq to report on events there and pay him 16 quid a day (he says it's a decent wage over there). Oh and don't provide him any security, after all I'm sure he thinks that is too much to ask for doing an honest days work for this country.

I'm against the occupation of Iraq. But I don't think you can equate our troops in Iraq to the Nazis so I don't think you can equate the Iraqi interpreters to Quisling. They have worked for us and as such deserve our protection and thanks. It's called human decency. Whatever the crimes committed by Bush and Blair we cannot abandon a small group of people who we at least have the chance to save.

Bring them here and give them a chance to live.

P.S. I think I might stop buying the Guardian while Neil Clark writes for them. What a nasty man he is.

The British Decline

Something has gone deeply wrong in our country. I've spent a few days in France this month and drove (ok, was driven!) over 1500 miles while there. I encountered a completely different way of life and completely different country. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be focusing on my ever increasing belief that our country is doing something wrong (or many things!), something which is bringing our quality of life down and only seems to be getting worse.

Just look at this story. A lady works on a flower bed for six years, something of benefit to the whole community and which certainly increase the quality of life in an area. How does the council worker who spots her doing it (and I believe she was working on behalf of a parish council so she wasn't some random!) deal with her? By reporting to his council that she wasn't wearing safety equipment nor had a lookout? Look at the picture in the article... does that look like somewhere you need a lookout?

A 9 year old with correct road safety knowledge could cross the road safely unhelped and there's a bloody path there to walk on! Maybe all us pedestrians need safety gear???

If I was her I would probably have just left it at that and allowed the flower bed to die. But she seems to what to persevere (good on her for that!)... the council should be ashamed!

Health and safety rules need to be sensible otherwise no one will take them seriously!! And then there'll be even more unnecessary deaths. The Government should keep it's nose out of peoples lives!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Queen Victoria Was Never Queen Of England!

Good God. Maybe I'm the only person left who cares in this country but the question "Who was England's greatest monarch?" cannot have the choice to answer Queen Victoria. She was never the Queen of England. The last Queen of England was Queen Anne. She was also the first Queen of Great Britain (thanks to the Acts of Union of 1707) . After the Act of Union of 1801 our monarchs became known as King/Queen of the United Kingdom.

I hate English revisionism of British history. It's as bad as the bloody Americans referring to this island as "England" and the Queen as the "Queen of England". I don't bloody call all Americans Californians and I don't say Bush is President of Texas so I don't see why the Americans can't finally start referring to our country as the UK and the Queen as the Queen of the UK or Britain (for brevities sake).

I know this sounds petty but if the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation can't get it right then we really do have problems.