Friday, 10 August 2007

The British Decline

Something has gone deeply wrong in our country. I've spent a few days in France this month and drove (ok, was driven!) over 1500 miles while there. I encountered a completely different way of life and completely different country. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be focusing on my ever increasing belief that our country is doing something wrong (or many things!), something which is bringing our quality of life down and only seems to be getting worse.

Just look at this story. A lady works on a flower bed for six years, something of benefit to the whole community and which certainly increase the quality of life in an area. How does the council worker who spots her doing it (and I believe she was working on behalf of a parish council so she wasn't some random!) deal with her? By reporting to his council that she wasn't wearing safety equipment nor had a lookout? Look at the picture in the article... does that look like somewhere you need a lookout?

A 9 year old with correct road safety knowledge could cross the road safely unhelped and there's a bloody path there to walk on! Maybe all us pedestrians need safety gear???

If I was her I would probably have just left it at that and allowed the flower bed to die. But she seems to what to persevere (good on her for that!)... the council should be ashamed!

Health and safety rules need to be sensible otherwise no one will take them seriously!! And then there'll be even more unnecessary deaths. The Government should keep it's nose out of peoples lives!


Kenyo said...

Just ask yourself, "what would Maggie T. have done?"

Pave it over?

Jae said...

I can't believe you would say that! Maggie would never pave it over!

She'd sell it to some big corporation who'd pave it over...