Friday, 10 August 2007

Comment Is Vile

I have just read one of the most vile blog posts I've ever seen on the Guardian's "Comment Is Free" site. Wanna read it?

Basically Neil Clark thinks some Iraqi interpreters for the British Armed Forces should be left in Iraq to face a higher than average chance of death (which in Iraq is thus pretty much certain death!), because they foolishly agreed to assist the British Army by interpreting for them (for the princely sum of 16 quid a day).

I suggest we send Neil to Iraq to report on events there and pay him 16 quid a day (he says it's a decent wage over there). Oh and don't provide him any security, after all I'm sure he thinks that is too much to ask for doing an honest days work for this country.

I'm against the occupation of Iraq. But I don't think you can equate our troops in Iraq to the Nazis so I don't think you can equate the Iraqi interpreters to Quisling. They have worked for us and as such deserve our protection and thanks. It's called human decency. Whatever the crimes committed by Bush and Blair we cannot abandon a small group of people who we at least have the chance to save.

Bring them here and give them a chance to live.

P.S. I think I might stop buying the Guardian while Neil Clark writes for them. What a nasty man he is.


Avery Nesbitt said...

Wow! I can't believe people like him are till out there. Full of evil and bittermess. I think I will write him no that you mention it. Oh, Neil....


Graham said...

You have put this so well and I say amen to every word you have said. Like you, I was totally against sending troops to Iraq, but the reality is that we have them there. We have a duty of care and responsibility towards those who have helped us. They should be given the chance to come to England if they wish.