Thursday, 9 August 2007

Queen Victoria Was Never Queen Of England!

Good God. Maybe I'm the only person left who cares in this country but the question "Who was England's greatest monarch?" cannot have the choice to answer Queen Victoria. She was never the Queen of England. The last Queen of England was Queen Anne. She was also the first Queen of Great Britain (thanks to the Acts of Union of 1707) . After the Act of Union of 1801 our monarchs became known as King/Queen of the United Kingdom.

I hate English revisionism of British history. It's as bad as the bloody Americans referring to this island as "England" and the Queen as the "Queen of England". I don't bloody call all Americans Californians and I don't say Bush is President of Texas so I don't see why the Americans can't finally start referring to our country as the UK and the Queen as the Queen of the UK or Britain (for brevities sake).

I know this sounds petty but if the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation can't get it right then we really do have problems.

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fpweeren said...

Some of us do get it right. You mustn't be blinded by the ignorance of the vast (sweating) masses of the U.S.

Living over here in Paderborn, Germany, surrounded by the lovely sights of the many charming men in Her Majesty's Rhine Army, I am happy to say that it is a pleasure to speak with all you chaps and blokes from the United Kingdom, not just the ones from England, Scotland, Wales or Ulster... ;-)