Wednesday, 29 April 2015

If You Are Only Now Realising How Rubbish Stonewall Is, You've Not Been Paying Attention

There's been some minor Twitterstorming over a graphic Stonewall put up yesterday which they have since taken down.

It basically looked at Labour's LGBT manifesto and went through whether other parties agreed with Labour and ticked them if they did. Given Labour's LGBT manifesto is rather flawed (not fixing the issue of people having to apply to get unfair past convictions overturned and completely ignoring the many failings of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act) this is probably not the best approach. As always with Stonewall they never seek to actually question anything important. If it's not about celebrities or sports, they just don't give a damn and when it comes to education and kids... see below!

Well they've got rid of that graphic now after people felt it was a little biased (Stonewall? Biased? Who knew?) but what really struck me was yet again the number of people commenting on how they had been long-term supporters of Stonewall and this was just unacceptable. Where have those people been?

Where were they when:

- Stonewall opposed and hindered the efforts to get same-sex marriage legalised until they realised how unpopular this position was?

- Stonewall advised parents to grass on their LGBT kids to the police for expressing their burgeoning sexuality? (What a fabulous coming out experience!!)

- Stonewall opposed a boycott against a hotel owned by the head of state of a country with severe anti-LGBT laws because it might upset him (again only until they realised how unpopular this position was, fickle as ever)?

And that is just three of a LONG list of issues that have come up just during this Parliament!!! Yet these folks have continued to back Stonewall throughout.