Friday, 21 September 2007


Even since John and Vixie's wedding I've been getting the urge to get hitched. And it's quite annoyed that I can't get married.

Really the only reasons I want to get married are that 1) I want to ensure Jim and I get the same protection as heterosexuals and 2) because I want a great big official party thrown all for Jim and I.

However, in this country, we only have "civil partnerships", a "seperate but equal" arrangement. I find it quite disturbing that lots of gay guys were happy to settle for this token from the "benevolent" heterosexual community. Personally I think that the very idea of supporting such a sexual apartheid is disgusting.

So... I need to start writing letters. Lots of letters. I want to be married in a registry office on the same terms as straights. And I won't settle for less.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


You know sometimes I think people are stupid and shouldn't be allowed to vote. Other times I think they should be killed.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Will They Never Learn???


I wish they just learn! Rushing your bank will only cause it to be less stable. The police should just shoot those in the queue to protect the accounts of the people who actually don't want to destroy their lives, and those of others.

Stupid people read this.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Lib Dems Have Good Idea Shocker!

Woo... finally they come up with something I can fully support... the idea of charging rude and abusive patients for their hospital treatment.

Brilliant. I hate rude people and would like nothing more than to see those who abuse NHS employees forced to pay for their treatment up front.

That'll piss them off.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

What Is It With Minorities?

Maybe the Unabomber was right... minorities really must have a sense of inferiority. No sooner do they get more equality than members from the minorities begin to turn on others. Be it the rivalry between black and Asian youths or the deep homophobia in most ethnic minorities; it seems to be a constant part of the human condition.

You would have thought that have suffered prejudice and discrimination we'd all be a lot more tolerant of each other. But I've meet many gay men (Tories!) who were very racist indeed and I've met plenty of black people who are decidely dodgy about queers.

Just look at this news story. Here's a black, Labour councillor who fought a dirty campaign (whether she is found innocent or guilty she has admitted lying) against a gay man of 56 who had a 39 year old boyfriend (Gosh... practically a paedophile!). She should be deeply ashamed of herself and she should resign. I find it so disgusting, all this constant prejudice. Sometimes I think no human deserves true freedom... we all just screw it up and cause more harm than good.

Then you have Sayeeda Warsi, a Tory candidate in 2005 and soon to be working peer and Shadow Cabinet member for Community Cohesion. Her campaign at the time suggested the following:

"Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16, allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships."

How can someone so blithely equate homosexuality with paedophilia? Schoolchildren certainly don't have the equipment I'm after. I can't believe David Cameron asked her to be in charge of Community Cohesion. Another reason I hope the Tories never win. And her excuse in hindsight?

'God - why did I phrase it like that? What was I on?" adding "There was a whole team that was involved in my election leaflets.. Looking back on it, maybe I could have used much better language than that", while adding her belief that sex education should be "out of the school system, initially."

This is a woman who was at the time 34 and running to be an MP. I would have thought she'd have known to "phrase" her homophobic beliefs better at the time.

We live in a country where magazines print topless pictures of 14 year old girls and just get a light slap on the wrist (arrests? HA! It's only a topless girl...) but the mere thought of allowing 16 year old males to have sex with men consentially seems to still upset people.

And moving away from my main point... Where is the The Sun's campaign to print the addresses of members of the FHM staff? Oh wait I suppose that'd be hypocritical as it wasn't so long ago The Sun was printing topless pictures of 16 year old girls. Makes me sick...

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tories Worst On Environment Out Of Big Three

Oh the Tories, my least favourite people, jumped quickly on the environmental bandwagon with their "Vote blue, go green" campaign. But as always... they're phonies! Well we knew that but now others agree with us!

To be perfectly honest I'm sick to death of these holier than now "new environmentalists". No offense but we've all be told to recycle for years but only since it's cool has everyone jumped on board. Now the damage is done they get all "You DON'T recycle? How can you sleep at night?".

Anyway... ha ha at the Tories. Yet another thing they can't get right...

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Gun Crime Survey Proves That This Country Is Rubbish

I love Britain. Sadly Britain seems to only exist in my head... here in the real world, in this quasi-state called "England" (God I hate that word) we live in a country which is shite.

This story suggests 20% of the people in this country are openly allowing criminal gun sales to occur (i.e. they know where to get illegal guns but don't report this info to police). Doesn't that just say a lot about the human race? God... I hate human beings!

And the EU has given up on a metric Britain. Probably realised the Brits are too damn stubborn and reluctant to change. This is a damn shame for me personally as I have no understanding of Imperial measurements beyond miles and pints. (Mmm... pints...). I can understand how tall I am in metres but 6'8" to me is just a bunch of numbers with no real meaning. When I reading about animals and I'm told it's "15 foot" long my mind cannot comprehend it... now say it was 5 metres long and I'd go "Wow... that's big!".

Each to their own I suppose.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Chrisitans.... Nuff Said

Check out this news story. Not only does this "Christian" organisation steal work from others, but they then sell the set of posters to churches for £25. I think if Jesus had a grave he'd be turning in it.

Honestly, Christianity would be a perfectly good religion if Christians just stuck to the words of Jesus and followed the spirit of what he did. He certainly wasn't for "Christian Business".

Hypocrites as always.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Tories Trying To Be "Cool"

I'm sure the Tory spin doctors used the words "down with the kids" when they pitched the latest Tory advert plan to Tory Central Command. Wow! A purely online ad campaign? What a step forward. What next? The wheel???

Here's two examples of their ads that speak volumes to me about the Tories plans...

We need to fix our society, not just the economy.
It's time to support married couples in the tax system and to give all parents the right to ask for flexible working.

Going green shouldn't have to cost the earth.
It's time to cut taxes on families and increase taxes on pollution.

Favouritism to certain lifestyles over others. Married couples, parents... yadda yadda. Why talk about humanity when you can fall back on your tried and tested cultural values which appeal to our concept of a non existent past of happy families and perfect marriages.

God, the Tories never change.

And "Going green shouldn't have to cost the earth", how cliched is that? I'm sure that was a headline on BBC Breakfast about 10 years ago.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Could I Back Boris?

So Boris Johnson has launched his campaign to be London mayor. As I'm sure you, Dear Attentive Reader, have noticed I'm not a big fan of Tories. In fact I'd probably be quite happy to see the Tories lose every election from here onwards.

However, Ken Livingstone is not someone I like as mayor. His support of Yusuf al-Qaradawi is quite disgusting. His deal with Caracas (President Chavez) for cheaper fuel in exchange for London expertise in certain fields is bloody wrong... I may have once thought Chavez was alright but please... his Government is supporting illiberal regimes and censoring the press. That is unacceptable. And finally... why on Earth is he cosying up to these foreigners. He's the mayor of London for Christs sake. He needs to use London talent to solve our problems.

Anyway... the Lib Dems, the party I am still a member of, are no where to be seen since Kennedy left so Boris doesn't seem that bad an alternative... one of the things he said really struck a cord with me...

"If you hurry on by when you see some minor infraction then you are more likely to hurry on by when you see something bigger taking place, the thugs know it and they exploit that lack of collective resolve"

That's what I've been saying for months. So... I tentatively, pending further investigation, place my support behind... a Tory.

Oh I feel really dirty now.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Iowa's Gay Marriage Case

So the ban on gay marriage in Iowa has been ruled unconstitutional. All well and good. However this step forward is almost certainly temporary as the terrifying, fascist-esqe, social conservatives step up their campaigns.

I just hope the decent people in Iowa can stand up for freedom and justice amd defend the right for equal treatment for all rather than promotion of one lifestyle (hetrosexuality) over another.

First, and probably only, gay Iowan couple married.