Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Tories Trying To Be "Cool"

I'm sure the Tory spin doctors used the words "down with the kids" when they pitched the latest Tory advert plan to Tory Central Command. Wow! A purely online ad campaign? What a step forward. What next? The wheel???

Here's two examples of their ads that speak volumes to me about the Tories plans...

We need to fix our society, not just the economy.
It's time to support married couples in the tax system and to give all parents the right to ask for flexible working.

Going green shouldn't have to cost the earth.
It's time to cut taxes on families and increase taxes on pollution.

Favouritism to certain lifestyles over others. Married couples, parents... yadda yadda. Why talk about humanity when you can fall back on your tried and tested cultural values which appeal to our concept of a non existent past of happy families and perfect marriages.

God, the Tories never change.

And "Going green shouldn't have to cost the earth", how cliched is that? I'm sure that was a headline on BBC Breakfast about 10 years ago.


Kenyo said...

"We need to fix our society, not just the economy..."

I got my cat "fixed." Is that what they mean?

James said...

The Tories do change. They get worse every day. Well, every time Cameron opens his mouth I wonder what nonsense he's going to come out with this time.