Saturday, 1 September 2007

Iowa's Gay Marriage Case

So the ban on gay marriage in Iowa has been ruled unconstitutional. All well and good. However this step forward is almost certainly temporary as the terrifying, fascist-esqe, social conservatives step up their campaigns.

I just hope the decent people in Iowa can stand up for freedom and justice amd defend the right for equal treatment for all rather than promotion of one lifestyle (hetrosexuality) over another.

First, and probably only, gay Iowan couple married.


James said...

Oh, I've got a link :o) I feel privileged.

Anonymous said...

Jae you are so right. I am an American-German dual national living in Germany. I fled in 2006 because I am gay and it was all getting very scary under the evil Bush regime.

While on other sites people are busy popping Champagne corks over the Iowa judge's actions, it's all already at a standstill and signifies nothing... (Thanks, MacBeth).

Keep watching. The U.S. is not free and nothing will change until the little monkey-faced man is gone. Even then, the "Christian Right" (which is neither) will not be quick to shrivel up and go away and hide again... the battle to restore things to where they were before the monkey man usurped the White House is going to be very long, very much uphill all the way, and legally extremely complex.