Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Gun Crime Survey Proves That This Country Is Rubbish

I love Britain. Sadly Britain seems to only exist in my head... here in the real world, in this quasi-state called "England" (God I hate that word) we live in a country which is shite.

This story suggests 20% of the people in this country are openly allowing criminal gun sales to occur (i.e. they know where to get illegal guns but don't report this info to police). Doesn't that just say a lot about the human race? God... I hate human beings!

And the EU has given up on a metric Britain. Probably realised the Brits are too damn stubborn and reluctant to change. This is a damn shame for me personally as I have no understanding of Imperial measurements beyond miles and pints. (Mmm... pints...). I can understand how tall I am in metres but 6'8" to me is just a bunch of numbers with no real meaning. When I reading about animals and I'm told it's "15 foot" long my mind cannot comprehend it... now say it was 5 metres long and I'd go "Wow... that's big!".

Each to their own I suppose.


Dornicus said...

Hmm. Maybe 20% of people believe in the right to defend themselves, regardless of what an increasingly overbearing government may demand of them?

Just a thought.

Jae said...

You are living in a fairy land if you think these guns were for personal protection. I support gun ownership. Legal gun ownership with proper registration. Until that is legalised then I think we should all play our part in ensuring the scum of this country don't get their hands on them.