Friday, 21 September 2007


Even since John and Vixie's wedding I've been getting the urge to get hitched. And it's quite annoyed that I can't get married.

Really the only reasons I want to get married are that 1) I want to ensure Jim and I get the same protection as heterosexuals and 2) because I want a great big official party thrown all for Jim and I.

However, in this country, we only have "civil partnerships", a "seperate but equal" arrangement. I find it quite disturbing that lots of gay guys were happy to settle for this token from the "benevolent" heterosexual community. Personally I think that the very idea of supporting such a sexual apartheid is disgusting.

So... I need to start writing letters. Lots of letters. I want to be married in a registry office on the same terms as straights. And I won't settle for less.

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