Monday, 27 August 2007

Why I Hate Princess Diana

I don't actually hate Diana herself. I'm kind of neutral on her, not having met her before. And also speeking ill of the dead is not exactly a decent thing to do. What I hate is the cult of Princess Diana.

When Diana died I was 14. Even then I realised that the hysteria that gripped this country was nothing more than a faux emotion. I found it incredibly disrespectful and quite disgusting that people could exhibit such public grief for someone very few of them knew. I was even more disgusted that those who did know her played off of this fake grief, her so called "friends".

I've always believed it is disrespectful to grieve too publicly and too much over someone you don't know. If my Mum died and someone came to the funeral who she didn't know and started sobbing their heart out I'd probably have to hurt them. It's just not right to pretend to feel the same emotion as those who she loved the most, her sons.

Also crying in public is something I quite disagree with unless you have a very good excuse (a grieving parent for instance).

At the time it almost felt as if everyone was trying to outdo each other on who could cry the most crocodile tears for the poor Princess. The very newspapers that had bugged her throughout her life suddenly began to whip up anti-monarchistic feelings because the Royal Family tried to grieve in private (heaven forbid!). The hypocrisy of it all drove me insane.

Let us get this straight... it is only human to feel sadness at anothers death. I felt the same, thinking about how William and Harry must have felt. What I am saying is that candle lite vigils for someone you never knew are probably a step too far.

Now ten years later it's still the same. The cult of Princess Diana remains strong, as if she was some demi saint rather than a playgirl Princess with a big heart. Can't she rest in peace??? AH!

God I should have gone away for the next few days as it's going to be wall to wall Diana coverage. I can feel the vomit in my throat already.


Anonymous said...

I actually found your website by doing a search on "I hate Princess Diana." I don't hate her either, but you said it - this cult. Leave the woman alone. She is dead and gone, she was NEVER a "people's princess" (may you rot in Hell for that, Tony Blair) and certainly not "the princess of our hearts" as the Germans call her.

It does not matter which of the (crappy) TV channels I tune to here , ALL of them are busy rehashing the death, or the various tributes or something else Diana-related.

ENOUGH ALREADY! MOVE ON, no more dead ex-Princesses to see here! Augh!

shawnrocks99 said...

i hate diana and jesse is a bich

Anonymous said...

What she did touched many people and inspire others to do good to one another. No, not all people know her personally, but they know the good deeds she had done and they mourn for that. Their grievance, whether public or not, is to show respect, in their own way. I'm not saying that you're wrong, you are entitled to your own opinion but hey Diana deserves to be respected and by bashing people who actually respects her just spreads hatred. Do you really want to spread hatred?

Anonymous said...

People grieve for her because they love her. Are you saying it's wrong to love someone? They were upset, because even though they didn't know Diana, they knew about all the good things she had done. Everyone knew how much she cared and loved people. Through her kindness, Diana reached out into the hearts of millions of people. They all miss her and therefore were terribly upset when she passed away. They wanted to see the Royal Family grieving in public because they needed the comfort of knowing the monarchs were just as upset as they over Diana's death.
We, the fans of Diana, want to make her proud! Is that so bad? She touched our hearts and is a Queen to us. We love her, even though we never met her. And yes, we still grieve for her, because we still miss her.
You NEVER stop missing someone you love, who has passed away.
She was amazing, and we love her. <3

LJ said...

Can't stand the woman. Manipulative shrew.