Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tories.... Who'd Have 'Em?

I saw a news story in which the first paragraph described how the Tories saw tackling crime as a process of "long-term generational change". Wow, I thought, the Tories actually saying something I agree with?? Sadly it was not to be.

Policies to curb violent video games, encourage responsible parenting, and improve schooling could be considered by the Tories, David Cameron said.

Violent video games?? As always the Tories confuse something they don't understand (gaming developments post Pong) with something evil causing the corruption of society.

The problems with our country right now are not caused by video games or stuff on the telly. They are caused by a complete breakdown of good manners and general common sense which have occurred since the Thatcherite eighties "Greed is good" culture first took effect. This culture was promoted from the top down. The Tories only have themselves to blame.

It will take a long time to fix, and solutions will be difficult (and I don't for a second suggest I have the answers) but banning computer games and promoting marriage? Jesus Christ these are the same things the Tories have been bleating on about for years ineffectually.

They need to change the record, which broke many years ago.

My only useful suggestion is we get back to having neighbours look upon parents of unruly children with disdain. Nothing like a bit of keeping up with the Joneses to promote better values (just look at the recycling/"carbon footprint reduction" fad that is storming the country...).

I did my part yesterday when an old, respectfully dressed lady pushed in front of me in a supermarket queue. I asked her politely to move as myself, and several other people, were ahead of her and when she refused to (a simple "Oh well" in fact) I ranted and raved about her having absolutely no manners (and a terrible mother etc etc) and she decided to leave the store. Needless to say others in the queue were quite happy with that outcome. Don't let the rude, arrogant people get away with their selfish acts any longer. Confront them. Publicly shame them.

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