Thursday, 30 August 2007

Christians.... LIE!

Christ must be quite angry right now as he must have seen this news story. People who pretend to worship him, using false info to spread their vile religion.

"American males who are homosexually active have a life span that is three decades shorter than the norm," Bill Atwood told the Associated Press news agency on Wednesday.

"How can a church say, 'You are precious, we care about you, we love you, we want the best for you and now we want to bless behaviours that cause you to die three decades early'?"

I can tell you where they got this idea, because I reported on this in April... see here

Not only do I do a quick discrediting of the report but others do an even better job.. a five year old could see the flaws in their argument.

Move along, only a church crashing to obilivion to see here!

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