Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Tories Hate Free Speech

I didn't spot this in that article I posted yesterday.

Mr Cerf's comments come after the UK's Conservative Party floated ideas to curb the access young people have to sites such as YouTube which let them see videos showing extreme or callous violence.

Yeah because YouTube is making our kids misbehave. God, the Tories are bloody dumb sometimes, and criminally illiberal.


Kenyo said...

So it is Marilyn Manson and all those nasty videos that caused us these current social problems.

And the bad language! So rude! No wonder children are killing other children.

Thank God, Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records.

I'm just going to go lurk in an airport men's room and hope to someday become a U.S. Senator.

James said...

Personally I think there is a correlation between what kids see on TV and the Internet and how they act themselves. So, whilst I can't stand David Cameron, I often find liberals even more distasteful wuth these matters, so I'll say I think he's on the right track with this one.

Jae said...

I believe that the problem with kids today can be partly blamed on consumerism, poor parenting and the fact there has always been a bad kid problem since the first child was born.

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