Sunday, 12 August 2007

Tax Cuts For Businesses? You Mean Businesses Pay Tax???

Oh our beloved Tories. Always thinking about what is best for the country... They want to cut regulations (health and safety and data protection laws) saving businesses in the UK billions. That's all well and good.

But I don't suppose the Tory party thought to wonder about the missing billions from this country stolen by tax avoiding fat cats. Maggie Thatcher deregulated our financial markets to make us more attractive to financial organisations. This lead to the new rise of the City and reestablished London as the business capital of the world. All well and good.

However we have allowed some British citizens to get away with paying very little tax for too long. How can it be fair that those who earn less pay taxes while the very rich can afford accountants who play their income just right to avoid any tax at all?

I want the Tories to come out and say "We offering tax breaks to good, honest British businesses but will also clamp down hard on those who use loopholes in the law to avoid contributing their fair share to the greater good". Is that too much to ask?

With the Tories it probably is. Sadly they are too involved in business themselves (just check out their registered interests!) to want to rock the boat and enforce tax laws fairly.

Better that the poor shoulder the burden and the corrupt prosper. Wait... do I hear the words "trickle down effect" waiting to be spoken? I give it 2 hours before a Tory MP uses that phrase.

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