Thursday, 13 September 2007

What Is It With Minorities?

Maybe the Unabomber was right... minorities really must have a sense of inferiority. No sooner do they get more equality than members from the minorities begin to turn on others. Be it the rivalry between black and Asian youths or the deep homophobia in most ethnic minorities; it seems to be a constant part of the human condition.

You would have thought that have suffered prejudice and discrimination we'd all be a lot more tolerant of each other. But I've meet many gay men (Tories!) who were very racist indeed and I've met plenty of black people who are decidely dodgy about queers.

Just look at this news story. Here's a black, Labour councillor who fought a dirty campaign (whether she is found innocent or guilty she has admitted lying) against a gay man of 56 who had a 39 year old boyfriend (Gosh... practically a paedophile!). She should be deeply ashamed of herself and she should resign. I find it so disgusting, all this constant prejudice. Sometimes I think no human deserves true freedom... we all just screw it up and cause more harm than good.

Then you have Sayeeda Warsi, a Tory candidate in 2005 and soon to be working peer and Shadow Cabinet member for Community Cohesion. Her campaign at the time suggested the following:

"Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16, allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships."

How can someone so blithely equate homosexuality with paedophilia? Schoolchildren certainly don't have the equipment I'm after. I can't believe David Cameron asked her to be in charge of Community Cohesion. Another reason I hope the Tories never win. And her excuse in hindsight?

'God - why did I phrase it like that? What was I on?" adding "There was a whole team that was involved in my election leaflets.. Looking back on it, maybe I could have used much better language than that", while adding her belief that sex education should be "out of the school system, initially."

This is a woman who was at the time 34 and running to be an MP. I would have thought she'd have known to "phrase" her homophobic beliefs better at the time.

We live in a country where magazines print topless pictures of 14 year old girls and just get a light slap on the wrist (arrests? HA! It's only a topless girl...) but the mere thought of allowing 16 year old males to have sex with men consentially seems to still upset people.

And moving away from my main point... Where is the The Sun's campaign to print the addresses of members of the FHM staff? Oh wait I suppose that'd be hypocritical as it wasn't so long ago The Sun was printing topless pictures of 16 year old girls. Makes me sick...

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