Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Misleading Headlines

I hate simplistic headlines. I know, they are there because they work. But this story, which does attempt to clarify itself, is titled "Commitment phobes can blame genes". Well it goes without saying that genes do not create behaviours, that might make it more likely you'll behave a certain way but behaviour is a learned part of our make up. It's more likely that these guys had commitment-phobic Dads and learnt from them hence the high correlation between the gene and the behaviour. Gene makes it more likely a man will be commitment-phobic and his commitment-phobic Dad helps ensure this is exactly what happens. Whereas a guy with this gene whose father was brought up properly and brings his son up to be a well rounded individual, might turn out to be one of those godawful, commitment obsessed guys.

Moan over.

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