Friday, 5 September 2008

Scientology Tries To Silence Dissent

It should be the right of all free people to be able to peacefully protest in a public space. Homophobes protests at gay pride. Anti abortionists protest at abortion clinics. But when people try to protest publicly against the Church Con of Scientology, Scientologists go out of their way to try and make those peoples lives a misery.

Their current target is a man named Gregg who agreed to be the signee on the permits allowing the peaceful protest to go ahead in Boston. As Scientology have his details they have began making allegations against him and have him tied up in legal wrangling, as is their usual tactic to shut up those they don't like.

If anyone out there labours under the delusion that Scientology isn't all that bad pick up Piece of Blue Sky (UK) (Piece of Blue Sky (US))and you'll soon realise just how horrible an organisation it is.

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Anonymous said...

I live in the Tampa Bay, FL area. As you may know - their primary headquarters are here in Clearwater, Fl. These are some very dangerous people. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that happens around here when someone opposes them in any manner. When they held their last convention here a couple months ago - they managed to keep some protestors completely away from the gates to the very public Ruth Eckerd Hall. There was also one guy here that was on a one-man crusade against them. He was after them, hounding them, placing ads in local newspapers, getting interviews on local television, etc for years. He passed away recently under "mysterious" circumstances. He was a very healthy man at the time of his death, alone, in his apartment. I wouldn't put anything past these people. They are a very organized international cult.