Friday, 19 September 2008

Mainstream Media Falling Behind New Media Again!

The BBC today can reveal the full details about how Sarah Palin's Yahoo email was hacked. That's a whole two days after Evolved and Rational put up the full version of events as stated on /b/. Surely any reporter working on an Anonymous hack would have checked out /b/ straight away??? Jesus, these guys are seriously losing it.

I was shocked that Evolved and Rational came out with this story before the BBC even mentioned the hack. I was doubly surprised when the first BBC stories did finally come out they had no mention of what actually happened straight away... that information was freely available and they kept stum. I hope this was an editorial decision to check sources rather than a complete oversight. But having read Flat Earth News I suspect that it is totally an oversight.

The BBC may have embraced the net, but I feel it's not quite embraced it firmly enough.

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