Saturday, 20 September 2008

Political Views All In The Mind - BBC

So says a new study which suggests those more sensitive to fear are more likely to be right wing and vice versa.

What about us moderates and libertarians, that's what I want to know! But I like the idea that secretly Hitler was a big old scaredy cat :D


Bill said...

Hitler wasn't right wing! He headed the National Socialist Party. Stalin wasn't right-wing either! Nor was Pol Pot!

Sorry, but a little historical accuracy wouldn't come amiss when you smear right-wingers with jhings that had nothing to do with them.

Granted Pinochet was right-wing and he did some pretty bad things; he did however, layv the grounds for Chile's economic resurgence, which hadn't really been helped along (to put it mildly) by the pleasant, but ineffectual Allende.

Jae said...

I wasn't seriously suggesting he was, more making a glib comment on the rather amusing findings of the study.

The Nazi Party was a lot more complicated than simple right and left wing politics, picking and choosing the ideas that fit their twisted vision best and combining the nationalism of the right and the socialism of the left to create a terrible mixture.

Jae said...

Oh and I'd never suggest that being right wing is akin to being like Hitler!!! I might not like the Tories but even I wouldn't connect them to any sort of crimes of such a nature as was perpetuated by any party of any creed in the past.

Ken said...

That certainly explains the Tories... LOL

Fear tactics are often used by politicians in an effort to sway the public. Whether or not they're conservative, it is the citizens who are more susceptible to fear that flock to follow the leaders instead of thinking for themselves.