Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The English Olympic Games?

Did you see Thomas and Rita Glenister out on the streets protesting against the Olympics coming to London any time before the decision was made? Because I bet you didn't... I bet they didn't bother. Oh but now that London (for it is the city that applies not the nation!) has won the right to hold the Olympics in 2012 they are suddenly all shocked that it's going to have to be paid for by us Londoners!

Worse, they think that "England" should pay for it. Do they even know what country they live in? This is the United Kingdom. Idiots.

I hate people like this. They don't protest in advance but only complain after the tax has gone through.

Mrs Glenister, 74, said: "It isn't the money - we can pay - but I finally thought that it is time to stick my short little legs down and say 'up with this I will not put'.

"If everyone in England pays it then I will, but the fact that it is just Londoners paying it seems very unfair. I'm not going to run round the track, I'm not going to benefit from this 'legacy'.

"I'm not a killjoy - I think the Games are great - but I don't see why we should pay for it."

Erm... if you don't see why you should pay for it, how on Earth are you going to persuade anyone else to pay for it who benefits even less than you?? Grr...

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