Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Homosexuality does not work that way!

Peter Tatchell has attacked singer Katy Perry because he finds her latest song to be demeaning to gay people. I feel that whilst he's right to attack her, it's a free world and she can be as homophobic as she likes. Sadly I don't think she realises that she is being homophobic. I don't mind if you know, but when you're too stupid to realise, it's a bit much.

"We live in a very metrosexual world," she said.

"You know, a girl might walk into a bar, meet a boy, and discover he's more manicured than she is. And they can't figure it out. Is he wearing foundation and a bit of bronzer? But he's buying me drinks at the same time!

"I'm not saying you're so gay, you're so lame. I'm saying, you're so gay, but I don't understand it because you don't like boys!"

When will people understand... you cannot be homosexual without fancying the same sex. Being manicured or effete is not a sign of homosexuality. It is a sign of vanity and self obsession. It's quite a different thing. I know that's hard to conceive if your brain is very tiny, but all those prissy men you see walking around preening themselves are vain, some might be gay as well but that's beside the point.

I think it's most amusing that some people don't realise just how many gay men there are out there... because most gay men are not a stereotype and act just like most other men (i.e. completely unpredictably and doing all sorts of random things, almost as if they were real individuals... shocking). Some people will just never get over the fact that being gay does not make you fashion conscious nor vain. These two things may sometimes collide just in the same way you might get a gay man who is also obsessed with football. Or, as so often happens these days sadly, you get some gorgeous straight guy who is just boringly obsessed with how he looks. Which is not a sign of homosexuality see?

My opinion guys... the less well kept an appearance the better in bed. ;) Nothing better than a guy who looks gorgeous and doesn't even know it or care. Yum yum.

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