Thursday, 18 September 2008


I've been totally geeking out in researching some articles for one of my other blogs and find myself getting excited at the mere mention of London Transport. I apologise, Dear Constant Reader, I shall attempt to get over this extremely geeky move.

In the meantime:

London Reconnections - A must for all Londoners who use public transport, you'll hear all the latest proposals first here.

London Underground History - Ever wondered what happened to all those disused stations? Wonder no longer!

Every has read Going Underground (if you haven't shame on you! It's brilliant!)... but have you read the Going Underground blog?

Always Touch Out - All your geeky new London transport projects can be found here.

OK guys, I'm taking off my anorak as we speak... I promise to attend some form of rehab and return only when I am fully recovered. ;)

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