Monday, 1 September 2008

Muslims Call Homosexuals Silly Names Shocker!

It's hardly news worthy stuff really is it? Channel 4 claim that preachers in Mosques are homophobes! Wow! Also people in gyms like to work out and people in McDonalds often eat burgers! Hold the front page!

It is time we stopped playing the "Islam is soooo awful" card. Islam is no worse than Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. All say stupid things, most call for the "execution" (read murder) of homosexuals. Either start showing shows about the evil of all skygod fantasy religions or shut up and leave them alone. Stop attempting to pander yet again to racists and morons who think that Christianity has some sort of moral highground over Islam.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting all religious folks are evil (or even that they are not nice). Sure I don't agree with their beliefs but that doesn't mean I don't find religion absolutely fascinating and love to talk to people about their beliefs. I used to work with a Latter Day Saint and my discussions with her about God, evolution and life were sometimes the only sane conversations I had all day.

So let's either accept others right to be hateful, stupid bastards (a right we all have) or start shutting down all places of worship; and let's not pretend that Islam has a uniquely prejudiced outlook. Just look at our friend Stephen Green, the most hateful man in all of Britain and he preaches about the love of Christ. The irony appears to be lost on him.

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