Saturday, 20 September 2008

Grumpy Of Greenwich

In case you hadn't noticed, Dear Constant Reader, I am currently between jobs. Some might say I'm an unemployed bum but hey I don't claim unemployment benefits so you can't really complain! :p

So what, I hear you cry, have I been doing with my time? Oh... well beyond starting up a whole new blog, I've also been feverishly answering questions over at Yahoo Answers under my new guise of "Moonlight" (from my new blog).

And why should I bring this up here on my commentary blog? Because the level of stupidity is rather high over there at Yahoo Answers and I may have to stop reading some of the questions and answers to avoid my head exploding.

Just check out a recent question I answered. I hate it when people talk about Her Majesty but don't seem to have a clue about 1) how much she actually costs compared to the possible costs of a President, 2) what she actually does and 3) what benefits she brings.

Don't get me wrong, I know the republican movement in this country is a little more intelligent than that and I don't have a problem with intelligent criticism of the Queen.

I just wish these stupid people would stop moaning about our country and our Queen. First they moan about how Muslim's are the ones who need to be more patriotic (when really I think the "English" need a lesson or two in being British) and then they don't even know who Gordon Brown is

Britain is great, it's just a shame about the people who live here...

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Ken said...

First, welcome to my world of hopeless unemployment!

People often complain about the government simply to have something to complain about! What they don't realize is that it could always be worse. What's so wrong with having a monarch? It's a part of continued history, even if the Queen in mostly a figurehead. Brown gets all the flack anyway!

And for those bemoaning England, I'll gladly swap citizenship any day...