Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ann Widdecombe Meet The Tory Party!

So Tories have been handed a pack containing vouchers for a lap dancing club (the Rocket Club in Birmingham) near their conference venue. To be honest this sounds like a very Tory thing: supporting a local business, with beautiful women. Sex and business are Tory MPs main concerns last I checked (I mean we all remember Baroness Young, she was always thinking about sex although that was more man on man action than "up to 50 of the most beautiful girls from around the world").

But nobody told Ann Widdecombe this:

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, a former shadow home secretary, told the Sunday Express: "I can hardly believe this is true.

"I know the Conservative Party is supposed to be modernising but do we have to throw every value out of the window?

"Can you imagine what our old ladies are going to make of it if they turn up there by mistake?"

Two things:

1) Male Members of Parliament, especially Tory, are world reknowned for their love of gorgeous women. This is not modernising. It's keeping the status quo. Modernising would be not having these leaflets in there!
2) I love the idea of "innocent" old Conservative women turning up at a lap dancing club and encourage the distribution of such leaflets to them under the proviso cameras are set up there to capture their reactions for the world to see.

Honestly Ann, what party did you think you had been in all these years?? Your own backbenchers shouted "melons" when female MPs got up to speak!!

Labour's Barbara Follett - one of the 1997 intake and one of "Blair's Babes" - says it is not just verbal abuse the female MPs have had to deal with.

"Sometimes when women got up to speak, some of the men - not thankfully on our side of the House - would put their hands on their chests, wiggle them around and go 'melons'. It was like a school boy type of humour," she said.

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