Tuesday, 23 September 2008

EU Cuts Roaming Mobile Charges

Well basically they have, they've decided made a decision to cut charges for those traveling across borders and using their mobiles but this still has a few more legal hoops to go through. It's not something I'm too comfortable with but cross-border mobile competition is not strong so it's doubtful the market would have corrected this issue on it's own without a little push.

But my reason for bringing this up is because whilst watching Working Lunch (not something I make a habit of, but it's party conference season and I'm waiting for Gordon Brown's speech) and they had a guy from the GSM Association (a mobile phone lobbying group) on who basically said that one of the reasons behind this was simply that the EU parliamentarians were often traveling across borders so they had an interest in lowering costs for mobile calls and this is why they put it through!!!

You know they haven't really got a good argument, or even a leg to stand on, when they start bringing out arguments like that.

Now I've just heard Alastair Campbell will be on the BBC conference coverage in a minute so I need to go grab a bucket, so I'll leave it there.

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