Thursday, 1 July 2010

Your Freedom and Marriage Equality

Today the Deputy Prime Minister, some obscure bloke named Nick Clegg, launched a new Government initiative that has been promoted greatly since the Coalition Agreement was brought in. Your Freedom is a website set up to encourage contributions to the much-touted "Great Reform" or "Freedom" Bill. I.e. what laws do you wish to see repealed?

Nick Clegg went about promoting it this morning, and it's obviously get plenty of traffic as it's extremely slow. Among the good ideas, and sound advice, there are plenty of "bRing bak teh death penlty innit" sort of ideas, which thankfully seem to be being voted and marked down quite enough to keep them from ruining the whole site. Many seem to want to create new laws rather than repeal existing ones.

I've added my own contribution, here, which you will be horrified to note is all about my personal "cause"; marriage equality. It is a common belief that the repeal of Section 11(c) of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 will allow marriage equality. Of course this might not be the legal case but I felt it was a good enough reason to start an idea up and see where it goes. I'd be more than a little grateful if, depending obviously upon your own personal views, you took the time to click the above link and give it 5 stars. The more positive ratings it gets, the more likely the proposal might at least get seen.

Some good arguments for why Civil Partnerships are not enough can be found here and here

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