Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ed Miliband's "We'll Deign To Give You Rights" Argument

"Q (from Jae): Following Ed Balls and Diane Abbott announcing their support for marriage equality, will he retract his comments about there not being enough people calling for it and come out in support of LGBT equality?

A. My position on this is pretty simple, which is that we did a consultation in the run up to the manifesto, and it wasn’t raised with me as an issue. But obviously if it’s something that is felt to be an important issue, I understand absolutely the reasons for that, and then it’s something we should definitely look at. And I’m very happy to say that and I completely understand and sympathise with the wish for equality in this area."

This is what Ed Miliband says (in answer to a question I asked, yes I am the phantom marriage equality question asker) in a previously released but now deleted interview on Labour Uncut

Isn't Ed Miliband wonderful? If we ask him to "give us marriage rights", he will listen. From his mighty throne, he may well even deign to give us those rights once he's had a "look at" it.

Can no one see how insulting this sort of thing is? It's more insulting than those who oppose marriage equality openly. At least they are honest and straightforward. He, instead, feels that giving equality to LGBTs is something he can ponder on. To me, it's deeply offensive.

Should we ponder if different "races" should be able to intermarry? Shall we wonder if women should have the right to vote? No we shouldn't. All citizens should be equal before the law. If you don't understand that, you don't deserve to be leader of the Labour party.

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