Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tories Serious About Cuts? Not In Shepway.

Following on from the revelation that Shepway Lib Dems cost you less, we have the Shepway Tories appalling response to a Liberal Democrat motion for a cut in the councillors allowances. The Folkestone Herald reports:

District councillors have refused to take a cut in their allowances - despite the idea potentially saving civic centre jobs.

Members of Shepway District Council met last week where the motion of chopping 10 per cent off their £3,867 basic allowance was discussed.

It was estimated the reduction in expenses, which also included special responsibility allowances, would free up around £40,000 in the budget - more than the salary of a number of frontline council staff.

But the motion, which was put forward by the Liberal Democrats and backed by People First, was defeated by the majority Conservative administration.

Outraged Lib Dem leader Lynne Beaumont said "I'm absolutely disgusted as this cut in allowances could save a job on the council

One councillor who refused the change said she worked hard for her money - well, so do the people who work for the Shepway District Council

We are facing tough times ahead when we will no doubt have to lose job, yet the Tory leadership clearly felt their expenses were more important than the jobs of the people who work here at the council."
They'll be happy to cut other people's wages but not their own. Sad, but true.

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PAUL MARSH said...

Just to put the record straight as the person who made the proposal to cut councillors allowances by 10% and do away with political group funds - it was the People First group who made the proposals, not the Lib Dems, who adopted it as an amendment.

I would not normally bother to mention this, but the original LD proposal would only have saved about £11000, not enough to save any jobs, and was in effect a publicity stunt, unlike our PF amendment which would have led to a saving of c£40000 and allowed the saving of some job cut(s).

Paul Marsh [People First]

Jae said...

Thanks for that Cllr Marsh