Monday, 12 July 2010

Opposing The Death Penalty

Am I the only person who is scared by the fact that we must convince people that the death penalty is wrong? Are people so willing to trust those "in power" as to allow them the ability to murder citizens?

Why mention it? Well, this CiF piece in the Guardian wants us to look again at the arguments against it so we are prepared against those calling for it's return.

I have often been taken aback at the fact people are even willing to allow for miscarriages of justice and "wrongful" executions as "collateral damage". The bloodlust among many people seems almost insatiable.

Let's stop calling it the death penalty. Stop calling it capital punishment. These are euphemisms. What it is is STATE MURDER. And we MUST defend against that, for giving the state that much power over citizens would be utter folly.

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