Thursday, 15 July 2010

Marriage Equality: Good News

It's time for some positive marriage equality news!

On the home front, two Labour leadership contenders, Ed Balls and Diane Abbott, have come out in support of marriage equality. Although Abbott clarified she has always supported marriage equality:

"I have always supported gay marriage and made that case when civil partnerships were first discussed. Despite what may now be reported, it wasn’t New Labour that first proposed civil partnerships but Ken Livingstone in his first administration. I supported it then, way before New Labour had the bravery to put this issue into legislation."

Given the rather offensive responses of the Miliband's on the issue, who managed to combine New Labour evasiveness with a politicians urge not to rock the boat quite neatly, it's good to see two candidates declaring their support on the matter. Whatever the reasons, and despite their other policies, it's a positive development in the battle to get marriage equality on to the political agenda, be it in the short term or long term.

And across the ocean in Argentina (I'm not going to boo and hiss for once at the mention of that country's name), marriage equality has been approved by both legislative houses and now needs only a rubber stamp from the President to become law. This will make Argentina the 10th country in the world to bring in marriage equality, and the very first in Latin America. It serves as an example to us all, that despite fierce Church opposition, decent countries can still make sensible decisions. Let it be a lesson for our country!

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