Tuesday, 13 July 2010

David Miliband Doesn't Know When To Stop

Last week we had David Miliband's ridiculous (and I'm paraphrasing for effect) "my friends and I think civil partnerships are equal so they must be" response to a marriage equality question.

Well, instead of moving on from this rather insulting and offensive line of thought, he has gone and done it again! Personal anecdotes, whilst giving a warm and fuzzy feeling to the stupid I'm sure, aren't going to convince the sensible that separate = equality.

Question removed at request of asker, see link above.

A. I think that religious bodies are allowed to actually. Actually, I was asked this last week by Pink News. The last civil partnership I went to, from two friends, full of…replete with all of the devotion, commitment, lifelong commitment that’s associated with marriage and that puts civil partnerships on a par with marriage. As it happens I haven’t had raised with me this issue and whether or not the particular issue, raising it as some people do. I haven’t got a closed mind about it. But I think we should celebrate what civil partnership is which is, finally, equality for gay people.
Religious bodies are NOT allowed to carry out a same sex marriage Mr Miliband, your Government introduced civil partnerships NOT marriage. The Government needs to get it's nose out of both the sex lives of it's citizens and the practices a religious body is allowed to carry out on it's premises. Sadly, Labour continues to spread disinformation about what it introduced and is becoming ever more morally repugnant (to me anyway!).

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