Friday, 9 July 2010

An Open Letter To @Ed_Miliband's Campaign

To Ed Miliband's Campaign Team

I am somewhat concerned regarding Ed Miliband's commitment to equality after reading his interview with Liberal Conspiracy. I'll quote for your convenience:

"2. Would you allow gays to be legally married, rather than just be registered as a civil partnership?

He hesitates. “I will listen to what people have to say on going further than that if there is a demand. No one has yet put that to me in the leadership election.” He said his feeling was that not enough people were asking for the policy."

This statement seems illogical. The reason there is not more call for marriage equality is not that people don't want it. It's because they are, quite understandably, confused following the introduction by a Labour Government of the inadequate and divisive civil partnership legislation. So really it's a circular argument he's using here. People called for marriage equality, Labour introduced civil partnerships, people stopped calling for marriage equality as they didn't understand the difference, and now a Labour leadership candidate says "No one's asking for marriage equality". It's actually pretty disgusting.

It's also rather revealing of his lack of understanding of the issues, especially regarding the discrimination inherent in a system based on gender towards those who are transgendered. Does he understand that they must divorce or dissolve their civil partnership if one partner changes their gender? Does he understand this means they lose any accrued shared benefits? If he oblivious to the hurt this causes, regardless of the further hurt being caused to lesbians, gays and bisexuals who can't marry the one they love on an equal footing to their heterosexual friends and family? Sounds like it.

And the whole "there's no call for it" argument doesn't suit a man who is meant to want to be a leader. Is he prepared to lead and listen to the quieter voices, or does he just follow what the popular press state is required?

I'd be interested in a statement to clarify his position in order to put such concerns to rest.

Kind Regards

Jason Kay

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