Friday, 23 July 2010

What Have I Done This Month To Get Marriage Equality?

In between a sofa delivery and a nice cafe breakfast I've spent the morning reading the Civil Partnership Bill debates from 2004. This was a major mistake, leading me only to see the deceitful nature of Labour's claims to be a force fighting for LGBT equality. I shan't discuss it further as I am truly angry, but suggest you do take a look at the debates if you so wish.

So let's focus on the positive, what have I personally done this month to advance the cause for equality. Sure, there's only so much one person can do but I think it illustrates what can be achieved if we all do a little to fight for it. Together we can make a difference.

1) Your Freedom submission. On the 1st of July I entered the first request on the new Government website announced by Nick Clegg in support of marriage equality. The request stands at 194 ratings and has an average rating of 4.5 which is actually fairly high for the site.

2) Letter writing. I've written letters this month to Lynne Featherstone, David Miliband and Ed Miliband. These letters were written seeking clarification of their expressed views on marriage equality. Only Lynne Featherstone, a Minister, had the courtesy to reply (and understanding the Miliband's may have been busy with the leadership fight I directed the letters to their campaign offices for a reply but still nothing). Her reply was merely an acknowledgement that she had heard my views but hey, it's a start.

3) Questioning. It was I who asked the question and received the reply from Simon Hughes about marriage equality that made various news stories a couple of days later.

I also asked a question of Ed Miliband via a Labour Uncut interview, and received his less than inspiring reply.

I've also asked David Miliband a question via Yoosk. I'd be grateful if you were to click that link and rate it up in order for it to be asked next month during their "Yoosk hustings".

Personally I think that's a fair bit for a one man mini-campaign! I shan't be slowing down and plan to double my efforts in August to get this issue out there. I'm not expecting any amazing legislative action. I'm just trying to get the idea into MPs heads that civil partnerships are not equality. If we can win that battle, I think we can eventually win the war.

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