Friday, 2 July 2010

Ireland and Lynne Featherstone Forsake Us

I know, this blog has been in danger of becoming a marriage equality blog for the last few months. But the news just keeps on coming in.

Mere days and weeks after two European countries (Iceland and Portugal respectively) legislated for marriage equality, Ireland decides not to follow suit. Instead, as if Ireland is somehow several years behind most other modern European countries, they have decided to follow the United Kingdom's backwards apartheid system and passed, through the Dail anyway, civil partnership legislation.

This still needs to go through the Irish upper house, but certainly gives us a taste as to the state of Irish LGBT equality. Thankfully there are some people campaigning for full equality still in Ireland, although I'm somewhat confused by their marriage laws I think "Civil Marriage" operates slightly differently and religious ceremonies are merely for show. These include LGBTNoise and Marriage Equality. Organised support for marriage equality is something we are completely lacking over here in Britain. On August 22nd, there shall be a march in Dublin. I hope it gets the message out there.

In other, related, news.... here's the latest from Lynne Featherstone:

"The government is 100 per cent committed to completing the journey to full LGB and T equality. We have made clear our determination to tackle discrimination and make this country a more tolerant, equal and fair place for everybody.

"We are committed to taking action to support LGB and T people, including changing the law so that historical convictions for consensual gay sex with over 16s won’t be disclosed on a criminal record check and using our international influence to speak out against human rights abuses and for unequivocal support for gay rights.

"Changing culture is never going to be an easy task but it must be our ultimate goal if we are to achieve full LGB and T equality. I promise you government will do their bit."

It is truly upsetting to see Lib Dem Minister's saying, and defending, things I know they can't really agree with. Changing culture??? We haven't even got full equality in law yet. To suggest a Government who does not support marriage equality, among other things, is "100%" behind LGBT equality is an outright lie. That's correct, not "spin" or a "slip of the tongue". It's a lie. This sort of lie is the reason I cannot support the Lib Dem Minister's, they are simply acting as mouthpieces for the Tories. And that is a damn shame.

The age of spin is very much alive. The new politics was obviously stillborn.

Lynne Featherstone. I didn't expect you to throw in the towel, moan or complain. But an expression of "Sorry, I know there are things you'd want but we couldn't argue for them in the agreement because..." would've been much preferred to this hyperbole. You know, treating us like adults rather than trying to sweet talk us into believing you've got our back.

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