Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Africa's Last Taboo

Last night Channel 4 aired"Dispatches: Africa's Last Taboo" by Sorious Samura (see it here, if you're in the UK). It was a surprisingly indepth look at homosexuality in Africa with focus on Kenya, Uganda and Malawi (the home of the arrested "married" gay couple).

It was a compelling documentary with Samura interviewing both the victims and perpetrators of homophobia and get very frank answers from both. I've never before seen the subject dealt with so openly and directly and it made for a very enlightening film. 

The fact of the matter is: the churches are fueling murderous rage with lies and Bible quotes. The Bible quotes I can stand but the anti-West rhetoric that claims homosexuality is a form of "economic colonialism" and the anti-scientific nonsense ("Who will all the women marry if all the men become gay?" and "No male dog lusts after another male dog") was too much to bear considering the consequences for LGBT individuals. 
Worse, whilst outside the court where the Malawi couple had been sentenced, Samura was doing a lament to camera about the downward spiral of human rights in Africa. With each negative comment the crowd behind enthusiastically nodded or cheered. That was a statement all of it's own. 

Whilst the clerics in Africa claim homosexuality is "not African", it was pointed out a lot of the church's funding and support comes from abroad too. American fundamentalists might be fighting against civil rights back in the USA. But in Africa they are supporting the state murder of homosexuals. And that should be roundly condemned. 

Check out Dr. Warren Throckmorton, who has been quick to point out those connections (especially on his wonderful blog). Behind the Mask is also a great news and discussion resource. 

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Madbeanman said...

I really loved this brlliant insight into homosexuality in Africa. I took a further look at it and blogged about it on my own site.

It really is a major issue.

Shannon Larratt said...

Truly frightening and sickening documentary... I can't imagine having to live under such terrorism.