Friday, 16 October 2009

Tory MPs: You Couldn't Make Them Up

David Wilshire MP has decided not to fight the next General Election. What good news! But it's actually better news than I thought as the Rt. Hon. Wilshire was the man behind Section 28! I know, I'm so behind the times, but finally one of the architects of one of the most illiberal pieces of legislation of the 1980s has got his comeuppance.

In other Tory news....

Aren't the Tories supposed to be the sensible one's? The one's with their feet firmly on the ground? Well seems like there's a woomeister among the ranks of the Tory MPs... David Tredinnick. Read this then weep...

Thankfully the Tories have a new friend. Boyz Magazine. Weird but true.... read all about here

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Bill said...

Thanks for alerting me to some of the past deeds of the odious Wilshire. So sickened am I by the whole expenses scandal, now added to by the overt homohobia of some of this particular perpetrator that, even I have been driven to blog about his two activities.