Sunday, 11 October 2009

National Equality March - Not So Live Blog

From my social networks I bring you... the National Equality March! Sort of...

From @Skylarjordan preparing for the march. 

Queerty will be properly live blogging the events here

From the Bilerico Project: President Obama's HRC speech in full

The NEM crowd! via @davidhauslaib 

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptish Church are in attendance, as bloody always. 

Hetero for Homos! 

The view of #NEM lining up @ 15th & K. That crowd goes for blocks before and behind via @Bilerico 

What the marchers are marching for...

Bilerico Project is liveblogging NEM too.

An interesting take on the gay agenda @rickydee1955

And they are off....

People seem to at least be agreeing on a Gay Agenda!

@RickyDee1955 is doing a pretty amazing job of RT'ing all the relevant tweets (so I don't have to! :P) 

Gotta love the Equality Wedding Cake.

Looks like a good turnout

A little bit of (gay rights) history repeating

At the White House

Lady GaGa has been spotted!

Follow the events using a Twub!

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