Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Tory Agenda IS The Same As The New Labour One

I have a distinct dislike of public/private partnerships. I believe that if a Government believes something is in their "realm" of responsibility then they should ensure they have all the skills and facilities to carry out that duty. Otherwise they should stand well clear and leave the market to deal with it. I have faith that in the right hands both public and private options can be successful.

But I have little faith in using private resources to advance Government policies. This is why I'm not so keen on the welfare reform offered by the Tories. David Cameron promises more of the same by advancing the idea of private training companies training the unemployed. This is happening now! It's hardly reform. It's not going to change the situation we have whereby people are living on benefits for many years. Forcing people to take training they don't want to do, to get jobs they probably won't care about is hardly going to keep the long term unemployed off the benefit books. I don't have answers, but I do know doing the same things New Labour has been doing is not going to help!

And the Conservatives are failing to present a clear policy on Europe. They won't even say what they're policy will be if the Lisbon Treaty is successfully ratified in the Czech Republic (and almost shoo-in Poland). Labour too have been unclear and indecisive on this important issue.

Grr... same old, same old.

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