Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Ben Summerskill Boycotts The Tories!

As you know, this blog is no supporter of Ben Summerskill or Stonewall (see here for why). And I was today about to launch into an attack on Mr Summerskill for attending the Conservative Pride event in Manchester as part of the Tory conference after reading an article on Tory reaction to a "Tory Shame" event at Poptastic. But within moments of getting my back up by attending he has decided not to attend. So let us give him three cheers for being sensible. Alas his reason was not that the Tory party fail to meet critical criteria on gay rights (no different to the Labour party and Stonewall at that!) but instead because the Tories are sitting with homophobes in the European Parliament. If this is the reason, why did he agree to go in the first place? We've known this since the EU election!

Silly man. But still, good decision!

Ooooo... Stephen Fry calls out the Tories on their connections to those homophobic parties in the EU. Watch the Tories squirm (video helpfully provided!)...

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