Saturday, 10 October 2009

Go Left

These last couple of weeks during the party conferences, I've found my political leanings moving ever leftwards. And considering I was already left of centre that's a pretty drastic move.

It's just, watching New Labour and the Tories, I get the feeling that those I would have previously characterised as a bit "wacky" (in a good way of course) on the left, are now looking pretty damn sane. The Tories BLATANTLY simply took their policies from those of New Labour (which had been BLATANTLY stolen from the Tories previously). They are not offering change, no radical "libertarian" shake up of the current order (which is what I'd truly want but based on the current politlcal parties... never going to happen!). They are offering more of the same, in the hopes somehow this will magically fix all the problems in this country

I don't see those on the right offering any radicalism. Nothing that might move our country forward. Their vision is truly Conservative in that they are not seeking change in anyway. Whereas those on the left of the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats are saying radical things. Things that might not work. Things I still have problems with. But at least I feel like they are wanting to shake things up, wanting to try something new, in order to change the way our country is going.

I'm tired of the consumerism, the ignorance and the apolitical nature of the population of our country. Someone at work yesterday said "I thought David Cameron is a Conservative?" I said "He is." And their reply? "Well it says here in the Metro he's a Tory." Is this our countries future? How have we let our society, and our educational institutions, descend to this level? It's deeply disturbing and for all the cries from the Tories about them wanting to fix "broken Britain", I just don't see how their proposals are going to cut the mustard.

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