Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tories Flip Flop On Marriage Equality

Sometimes I hate being proven right. And I hate that the Tories, who moan about Nick Clegg "flip flopping" over what he'd do in a hung Parliament, start to flip flop over an issue themselves.

In the first week of the election George Osborne said that a Tory Government would "consider" marriage equality. I gave him some kudos for this but also a warning:

"I believe this Tory promise to be nothing but hot air. I give them credit for saying the right words, but we have no evidence, based on past form, that they will follow through. So for now I continue to say that the only vote in favour of marriage equality is a vote for the Liberal Democrats (or the Green Party but let's not get too carried away!)."

Since then we've had plenty of Tory mishaps with regards to LGBT rights but even as recently as yesterday, with the launch of their equality manifesto, were sticking to the "considering marriage equality" line.

But now we know the truth. David Cameron has said they are "not planning" to bring in marriage equality.

A Conservative Party spokesman said Mr Cameron's response did not contradict the equality manifesto and said he had focused on the part of the question which suggested the Tories were definitely going to legalise gay marriage.

The spokesman added: "We're not planning to rename civil partnerships at the moment. We are considering it. We recognise there is a case to consider but we're not at that point, there has been no firm decision."

Seriously. Not planning but considering. What a load of old tripe!

We cannot trust the Tories with our rights, let alone with our country. Shocking.

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