Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ed Miliband Makes Worrying Noises Over Immigration

Sure us Lib Dems have, sadly, had to concede our immigration policy for the Coalition. But that doesn't mean we give that policy up (despite what some ill-informed people think). We will continue to fight elections on that policy until such time it is democratically voted out at conference (and knowing us Lib Dems, that'll be when hell freezes over).

But I am concerned about a paragraph from Ed Miliband's leadership bid speech:

"Britain’s diversity is an enormous strength: economically, culturally, socially and we should never cease saying it and we should say it more often. But the truth is that immigration is a class issue. If you want to employ a builder it’s good to have people you can take on at lower cost, but if you are a builder it feels like a threat to your livelihood. And we never had an answer for the people who were worried about it."
Pardon? Sounds like a diversity friendly BNP-lite sort of statement. "Let's not let those nasty cheap workers come and steal all our jobs". Would be very concerned at the direction he might take Labour (a party already tarnished by it's poor stance in Government on immigration when they had a majority). Very concerned. Let's hope Labourites don't choose this isolationist as their next leader.

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