Monday, 10 May 2010

Damian Collins MP Blocks Me - Confusingly

So... I avoided following Damian Collins, newly elected MP for my soon to be home again constituency of Folkestone and Hythe, on Twitter during the campaign as I hoped my preferred option (the lovely Lynne Beaumont) would be elected ahead of him. Sadly this was not the case and thinking I might want to keep up to date with my MP's movements (and also having just gone on his website to send him a letter regarding electoral reform) I decided to follow his Twitter account. I was rather astonished to find I had been blocked.

Now I racked my brains for any unreasonable, heated comment I might have made to him/against him. It's not unknown for me to be a little OTT sometimes in the heat of the moment (the comments I made in the Guardian about Simon Hughes a few years ago spring to mind... that was a mess...). But I honestly couldn't remember anything. I'd had very little to do with him at all, barely mentioned him as I've been out of the constituency for so long and even remembered once seeing one of my friends giving him grief on Facebook and, being the better person, did not get involved.

So I did a little search through my Tweets and only came up with this:

It's also nice that Damian Collins campaign is getting support from our least fave former MP

Is this why I was blocked? It wasn't even insulting against him and sweet Jesus if I can't rank MPs by which ones I like and which I don't then what can I do? Does this not speak volumes for the sort of relationship this man is going to have with his constituents?

Very annoying. Very concerning. Sadly all too expected. Tories go on about free speech and being against political correctness but can't even take the mildest criticism from a, at the time, future constituent (and let's admit that Tweet was milder than mild!).

So anyway... very much doubt I'll be hearing anything positive back about electoral reform from him... but suggest any Folkestone and Hythe person concerned about electoral reform keeps up the pressure as he's our only hope.

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