Monday, 3 May 2010

Lewisham East: Day 28 General Election 2010

One month ago I made my way to Watford for some leafleting, envelope stuffing and Nick Clegg spotting. What a difference a month makes. 

In Watford there was a large crowd, carefully managed but cheerful with a quiet, respectful media. At Blackheath there was a mass of people pushing and shoving to see Nick Clegg, excitement palpable in the air and angry Labour supporters desperately joshing to get on camera (of which there were a great amount). Foreign journalists jostled to get good positions and questioned people as to why they were voting Lib Dem. I heard a Spanish journalist whisper "We're seeing the end of bipartisan politics in Britain" to one of her colleagues. This made me smile. 

Nick Clegg was inspirational in his speech even when he was accosted by a man demanding to know what he'd do about "institutional paedophile rings" (I believe that it was this man)

Now here are some of my usual rubbish pics, taken whilst I waved a big sign and tried to keep some scary Labourites (ok, they weren't scary, the one's behind me were quite nice... a bit depressed though, poor souls) at bay. 

ooo... someone's angry! Labour supporters, who'd have 'em?

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